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Booking Info

We would love to play at your next event, whether it is a private party, fundraiser, or club. Our music is lively, energetic, and fun- all ages can enjoy our music.

Our song selections span more than 7 decades, including music from the origins of bluegrass to more recent songs that we play in bluegrass style. We use acoustic instruments and play around a single condenser mic, creating an old time vibe. We are very comfortable playing in the corner of the room or on a large stage, and will work very hard to make sure our music is at an appropriate level for the venue. We are flexible on our rates, and we would love to discuss a performance with you!

Take a look around this site, where you can see several videos of us taken during live performances, pictures from previous shows, and find out more about the musicians in the band.

Please download our electronic press kit here, which includes audio, more information about the band, and additional pictures. For availability, booking info, rates, or specific questions, contact:

Darryl Jones
Phone: (803) 223-4722
Email: darryl@carolinahayride.com